MENTOR – Why important?

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  1. Doug Rayfield says:

    Nothing new here.
    Unfortunately it’s still a numbers game.
    How can we supply mentors to work with new umpires by attending their games, when they themselves are needed by our associations to work their own assigned games or have games without an umpire.
    Unfortunately, it’s a Catch 22.

  2. Webmaster says:

    True. It is a numbers thing. But if we don’t invest proper training to new umpires, we lose them and our number go down. If we spend the time recruiting someone, we need to spend the time to properly train then. Yes, it is a catch 22. It requires commitment from senior umpires. Even some Level V’s.

    In the long term we may need to turn away some games as umpires and become mentors to gain some growth. If we don’t, it will only get worse..

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